Thursday, May 21, 2009

manicure, mah jongg and a meal w/friends

So, I've been working 12 hr. days since I got back from Palm Springs...and I made a plan earlier this week to take today TOTALLY OFF!

I had breakfast overlooking my seriously overgrown and weedy garden. ( Iris in front, then digitalis on the front of the wall, and finally blue iris just starting to bloom.

Planted a hanging plant (don't know what it is Sarah, do you remember, we bought it at Rudolph Gardens ??) in my lovely galvanized watering can that I bought last year and left outside all winter and it got water in it an froze and compromised the bottom*

And now I'm going to get a badly needed manicure, play mah jongg, and then have dinner with friends!

Tomorrow....I'll be catching up again.

*it leaks!

Eli...those weird 'sprouts' on the avocado seed are the roots....I'm still waiting for the 'sprouts' and hope they're green!


Sarah said...

the can looks really great! i want to come up and hang with you, no more drive-by visits! maybe this week...

17 beats. said...

your irises look AMAZING!