Saturday, July 18, 2009

Black Currants!

I'm leaving this morning for a trip to Nova Scotia...and should be packing, etc...but I have this 1/2 pint of black currants from my CSA.....and black currant jam is my alltime

I decided to make a bit of jam. Black currants have lots of pectin so all you need is a bit of water and sugar.

I found a recipe that said to use equal weights of currants and sugar.
I had 5.2 oz. of currants.

I added 2.4 oz. of water and simmered 30 minutes.

Then added the 5.2 oz. of sugar and cooked at a boil for about 8 more minutes.

You can test the jell with a cold spoon. Chill the spoon....pour in a bit of jam..then set the spoon on the ice water. Test. Yumm. the end of it I got this much jam!

Enjoy, Sarah and Eric when you come up this week! Just save a tad for me!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I just ate it on three pieces of toast, i love it