Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ephesus, Turkey

Some of the best ruins we’ve seen! This post has lots of photos…..Pentti took so many good ones I didn’t know where to stop!

First of all, we booked a private driver and English speaking guide.
We were picked up at the ship at 7:30 AM and got to Ephesus before the other tourist busses. That’s why these photos don’t have any people at the ruins. It was a beautiful thing and still cool morning air!

Here we are at the start in silhouette: Pentti (with the camera) me and our guide.

More ruins...

A beautiful arch....

Marble street leading down to the library.

The Celsus Library. Incredible.

The Amphitheater where St. Paul spoke to the Ephesians

After the tour of the ruins we visited Sirince Villiage. Lovely!

Finally we stopped for lunch in an olive grove with Ollie our driver and Ilker our guide.

But not before I had an encounter with a Turkish rug salesman…..

He won!
But this was one of our best days in a string of wonderful days!