Thursday, March 4, 2010

the big snow

After my last post...the same day...this is what my office window looked like. Not to mention the rest of our yard and my poor little Prius almost buried. See below: middle photo.

I'm been absent from blogging because my only connection with the outside world was my I did have access to some email. Cable out (no TV or internet 3 days) Electric out (just one day) Then...just when we thought is was all over ...the electric company came at 4 AM Tues. morning and decided to trim branches around our electric lines going to the house. On their way out it seems they hooked our cable and pulled it off the house. The poor thing laid in the street, dead, for 2 days. Finally last night in the dark the cable guy arrived and made everything right.

We still have lots of clean up in the yard. Not even sure how many trees are down. Maybe we'll replace those evergreens that used to border the road with Hydrangeas! No worries of them falling on the fence!

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