Thursday, March 3, 2011

cooking day

Caught up on soap?? That hardly ever happens....but what an opportunity to cook all afternoon.

I was out last night and the hostess served a delectable Irish Soda Bread with dinner. Just happened to have all of the ingredients so started with this. Don't even bother with a recipe that doesn't have buttermilk. Then made Turkey Scaloppine for tonight's dinner. I did adapt this recipe a allspice or thyme...just salt and pepper. Don't think I'll add extra calories with cheese. Maybe I could call it Turkey in Wine Mushroom Sauce.And finally....cooked chicken to make my recipe for tomorrow night's pot luck at my house. It will be a chicken and brown rice casserole....eventually.
The bread is out of the oven and cooling...and I'm about ready for a cup of tea and a sample!

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JAMaier said...

I'll be looking forward to the chicken casserole!