Monday, April 4, 2011

a litte extra time and lots of soap

This is "family soap." Soap ends that are cut from the ends of our soap logs.
Can't wrap them to sell. We use it ourselves, give it to friends. We box it up and donate boxes to shelters and the local food pantry.

But...they still seems to multiply like they were coming from a magic pot.

So the other day I made these favors to give to friends when I entertained. A soap dish in the bottom of the bag....a stack of soap in pretty earthy colors all tied up with a string and a label on the bottom telling what kind of soap was in the stack


17 beats. said...

Remember that children's book, Strega Nona ? Your endless soap reminds me of this. You are a generous hostess !

imquilternity said...

Would you be willing to sell (& ship) one of those lovely packs of soap ends? I l-0-v-e your soaps.