Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Dinner

Wow. Didn't realize it was so long since I posted.

Dinner tomorrow will be a celebration of 1 year since Sarah and Eric found the farm they now own and are working furiously to restore.

Brunch will be first with Hot Cross Buns that I'll make tonight and bake in the morning.

The dinner menu, simple but yummy:

Crown Roast of Lamb

Simple Two Potato Gratin


Coconut Southern Comfort Layer Cake

Wine: an Australian Shiraz blend called Torbreck

Some changes: the lamb recipe calls for searing the ribs and then roasting, but I'm marinating them and then tying them into a crown to roast. I like the way it looks. The vegetable will depend upon what Sarah brings from the green market.
No southern comfort in the cake. I love coconut and the photo of the cake, but wouldn't buy a bottle of southern comfort just for the frosting. Other reviewers on Epicurious left it out, too.

Happy Holidays to all!

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