Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A summer day in the Hamptons

I've been away from my computer for 2 days, visiting a dear friend who moved to Southampton.
I worked with her as a librarian in what now seems like another life.
....BS: Before Soap.

My friend, Susan, is a wonderful hostess and a terrific cook. She has a lovely home filled with antiques that she and her husband have collected over the years. She is a dear friend and so much fun to be with.

We packed a lot into a few days...including some Mah Jongg and a bit of time at the beach.

I arrived home late last night and didn't get to my computer until this morning to find out what Sarah has been up to....her blog is how I keep up-to-date with her.

So, Sarah is the guest blogger on Design Sponge this week. And yesterday she wrote a post about the origins of Saipua and mother 'always knowing best' This mother was very touched. Thank you, Sarah.

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