Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two Happy Things...

I'm back home and glad to be here for awhile. Don't have plans to travel again until May for the Soap Conference in Palm Springs.

1. It's spring...but I didn't believe it until Pentti came in from the garden this morning and wanted to know what was coming up out there.

It's GARLIC!! I planted it on Columbus Day last fall...then completely forgot about it. Oh, Boy!....not only fresh garlic...but we'll have garlic scapes, too pretty soon!
Now it really seems like winter is definitely over!

2. Scan your own groceries!?!

I trekked to Stop and Shop this morning to resupply my badly deleted pantry and was greeted by a man who offered me the opportunity to take a hand held scanner, scan and bag my groceries as I shopped...and then just stop by the check out counter to have the scanner downloaded and pay the bill.

I loved it. You don't have to unload your cart....scan it...then repack. What a time saver.
Hope too may cashiers don't lose their jobs. But I like putting my groceries in bags the way that I want them.

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taylor0002 said...

ive decided i must assist you on this soap conference in may. yep.