Saturday, April 11, 2009

the day before Easter

I'm turning this:

into this:
Usually I would have the butcher do this...but I got these baby lamb racks (3) at Trader Joe's yesterday. I did find that I needed to make some cuts between the ribs to make it go in a circle.

That's my part of Easter dinner....well and the Hot Cross Buns for morning coffee. I make mine today...they rise in the refrigerator and then just get baked in the early AM. An easy delicious recipe.


Sarah said...

hot damn that looks delicious!

The DINKs said...

Is that a bungie cord?

Susan said...

No...not a bungie cord. :-))
But a few layers of red/white bakery twine....

I can see that it DOES look a bit like a bungie. Wouldn't that be easy...but NOT good in the have to use some kind of cotton twine.

BTW...the lamb was DELICOUS!!