Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tagged by the Memes??

Sarah tapped me to do this Seven Random things Meme. What is that anyway? I had to look it up.

But here are a few tidbits....

1. I know I’m a control freak…I just can’t control myself.
Go with the flow, I tell myself.

2. I play favorites with my cats and sometimes I feel guilty about it.

3. Sometimes when I’m alone, I like to repeat words aloud like reconnoiter or cippolini because I like the way they sound.

4. I hate it when someone sends me a forward where you're supposed to make a wish or say a prayer and send it on to 10 people so your prayer will be answered or your wish granted. I always delete those emails. What the h*ll....haven't they figured it out yet, that their wishes aren't granted??

5. In high school, I was in the senior play. That's what we called it then. No musical for my class of 54 students. I had the role of Mrs. Savage whose family was trying to commit her to an asylum.

6. I am fascinated by vampire novels…..I loved Rice’s “Interview with a Vampire”..and just recently I read the young adult novel "Twilight."
It was OK.

7. My secret desire it to sing kareoke to "build me up buttercup" I love that song!


Sarah said...

guess i should have taken you to the Hope&Anchor for kareoke for your birthday instead! would have been a hell of a lot cheaper...

Susan said...

Well maybe...but that evening at Blue HIll was amazing. What a generous thing for you and Eric to do.

We can always do kareoke for #61.


17 beats. said...

i like to repeat words, too!!