Sunday, August 9, 2009

a special quilt

In 1916 the members of the Clifton, New York Ladies Aid Society made a quilt as a fundraiser.

Each woman made one square. She collected ten cents to embroider your name on the square.

Some put the names in a special pattern.

When all the squares were done, the ladies put them together and hand quilted this red and white heirloom.

The money was donated to the Ladies Aid and the woman whose square had the most names was awarded the finished quilt.

This square was done by my grandmother, Susan Coyle. Rhea Coyle and Ethel Coyle were my aunts. My dad's name doesn't appear. He wasn't born until 1919.

But we had the quilt at home when I was young. I remember using it and throwing it in the wash.

I put it through the wash again and put it on the antique bed in my guest room.
It's so nice to be using it again!


Sarah said...

so lovely!

PG said...

Oh! I came to thank you for the lovely comment and relieving me of my red and white chicken clip, and I saw this which must be part of the room. I am honoured that my little hen will be in such illustrious, historical company - and how wonderful that it can just be popped into the wash, a proper working antique and such a beautiful one.