Saturday, August 22, 2009

The New Saipua

I was in Red Hook today to visit the NEW Saipua shop.

We've moved to 147 Van Dyke....a block and a half from the old shop....the new space is incredible....and I wish I could post a photo....but my camera battery died at the most inopportune time.'ll have to go see the space in person, or check it out on Sarah's blog.

Instead you'll have to be satisfied with the antiquity I bought at Erie Basin while I was there.

Russell tells me its Etruscan.....brought up by divers from the Mediterranean.

It will look great as a sculpture in my garden!


steph- whisk/spoon said...

how funny--i found your blog on a random goolge search for purslane...i work at a bakery in red hook..on van brunt (i'm sure you know the one). saipua was a beautiful shop, so i'll have to check out the new digs!

Susan said...

Of course, I know that shop...had many coffees and goodies there when I came to help at Saipua!

Thanks for posting.