Monday, September 21, 2009

Pie update and vacation plans!

This is all I have left of my elderberry pie. I'll have to finish it off before I leave. It is such a treat. Elderberries are hard to come by.

I also made an apple pie for company the other here's a photo of that. Yes, that's butter pats on top of the apples....Yum!

I've poured my last batch of soap and I'm just about packed.
We're off for a few days in Rome and then a 10 day cruise through the Greek islands, with stops in Dubrovnik, Croatia and Kusadasi, Turkey.

I am so ready for a vacation. It's been a crazy summer.

I'm hoping with our 'new business model' that things will ease up a bit when I return.

More about that later.



17 beats. said...

have a nice trip! maybe when you come back it will be fall.

Sarah said...

pictures of rome pleeeeese!!!