Thursday, September 24, 2009


I could tell you how wonderful Rome has been, but on a more interesting note:

We had dinner in the hotel the first night and outside on the patio we could see a young fellow eating dinner alone. We thought. Then he started talking to someone. We couldn’t see anyone, so thought it might be a small child. Then he opened a laptop and encouraged the tyke to see the woman who was live on the screen…probably his Mamma. The fellow make all kinds of gestures to the tyke…. getting him to focus on the person on the screen.

Then he closed the screen and started talking again to the tyke….who now seemed to be down below the table….may in a carrier we thought.

Bella, Bella he kept saying…making all kinds of gestures to the child. What a beautiful child this must be, we thought!

Then what did we see, but a black lab…who came up from the floor and put his paws on the fellows shoulders… Go Figure!

We did hike all over the Palatine and Forum today and see the Coliseum.

Then lunch with 2 half liters of wine. I love eating in Rome!

We’re both exhausted now! I leave you with the Fountain of Trevi!

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Sarah said...

ha!! i love seeing all these photos - it sounds amazing!!!