Saturday, December 13, 2008

Its December, it must be almost Christmas...

I'm taking the day off from soapmaking today to cook!

I'm always in a rush...making dinner ( and breakfast and lunch since we work at home)

I like to cook, but not under pressure. So today I'll make:

  • Maple Pecan Granola from What Geeks Eat.....thanks to Vanessa this has become my standard granola. Alas, Vanessa has taken a hiatus from her blog, but you can still browse it for some fantastic recipes.
  • cornbread for tonight's dinner with chili and leftovers for the pork tenderloin I'm making tomorrow.
  • my first batch of cherry/hazelnut biscotti for the holidays
  • prep the vegetables for tomorrow's salad
  • oh, and if I have time....a roasted tomato barley soup that I will adapt from Last Night's Dinner.
I try not to get crazy with the holidays. I've cut way back on gifts and addition to the biscotti, Linzer cookies are a must but I forgot to get raspberry jam when I was out this AM. All that jam making this summer and I didn't make raspberry!

What little gift shopping I do is almost done and last Sat. I bought a wreath at the Christmas sale I visited. It came complete with the hanger, so I came home, hung it on my gate, and I'm DONE! Well almost. I just need a new bow for it.

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