Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ok, so here a report on NY Gift:

First an aside about the trip. I have a 45 min. train ride to NYC. I haven't taken the train for awhile, and I always forget how much I like it.

From Peekskill, its a ride right along the river.....lovely any time of year. Many abandoned factory buildings remind me of how we used to MAKE things....and now we are so much more CONSUMERS.

The fair was exhausting. all day walking around the Javits Center and 2 of the three piers.
We concentrated on these sections:
  • Handmade
  • Accent on Design
  • Extracts
  • General gift (just for Midori ribbon)
  • New York's Newest
  • Extracts is back in the Javits center finally! After several yrs. of being relegated to a far distant venue.
  • New Yorks Newest (at Pier 90) didn't have anything was actually pretty lame
  • SunFeather was NOT in handmade (where they usually are)....or anywhere else.
  • The fair did not seem as well attended as in the past, an observation verified by some vendors.
  • Accent on Design is fun to browse and there we found our friend Lisa from The Soap and Paper Factory!
In addition to a slew of ribbon from Midori, we bought 2 new 'handmade' items to retail at Saipua . Hopefully Sarah will post about the new items as soon as they arrive at the store. Here's a clue: we bought some metal, some thread.

It's always an exhausting, yet fun day that ends with dinner at some great NY restaurant.


Susie said...

My 15 year old and I took our first train ride from Utica, NY to Seattle, Wash.this past summer and we loved it.I just asked her today if she could go by plane or train what would she choose, she said train.We got to see so much.

Susan said...


I love the train. I used to take my daughters to Rochester, NY on the train to visit my folks.

I have really been wanting to go from Toronto to the west coast across the Canadian Rockies by train!!

You're get to see so much and also can walk around.