Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Garden Hotline

Remember Ralph Snodsmith of the Garden Hotline? I loved his name and his southern drawl......who according to the website "answers questions in a down-to-earth, professional and gentlemanly manner?" He's still there answering questions on the radio. I used to listen to him years ago.

Here's what's hot in my garden right now.

The only poppy I can get to bloom. I have others that come up each year, including a white one....but who would know if it's really white. I can't get it to bloom.
Digitalis, running rampant. Supposed to be biennial, but it comes up all over my garden each year and reseeds itself with abandon.
Stone Crop (a ground cover with white flowers) lambs ear not yet sending up those tall purple flowers and the rose bush I diligently saved from aphids!

More about soap tomorrow....

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