Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot weather, cool salad

I've had a busy weekend. Went to an estate auction upstate Friday night to Saturday. Got some great buys...more about that after I unpack the truck!

It's way too hot to cook....just last week I was making soup to take the chill off!

I've been wanting to try buttermilk dressing like we had at The Farm on Adderly a couple of weeks ago. Sarah made some and posted a photo on her blog on June looked great.

Here is my version. Dressing: Whisk together mayonnaise and buttermilk add a small garlic clove crushed with salt then season with pepper and snipped chives.

I used Boston lettuce, peas, (not fresh....I cooked frozen just a minute or two and quick chilled in ice water.) I added shrimp to make it a main dish and radishes fresh from the farm market.
Perfect on a 90 degree day!

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Anonymous said...

HMM ,HMM, Good --- that buttermilk dressing salad dressing sounds yummy to say nothing of the ribs -- the only thing that could be better is if you made them for me !!!!!!! --- you were right the picture of "the girls " is nice -- you are a riot -- I can't make time to go to the john and you are writing blogs -- you are my hero !