Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back from the farm

Just returned from our day trip up to Catskill, NY to visit Stoneledge Farm. We had quite a day and it was so nice to be away from soapmaking for a day!

Here is one view of the farm with rainbow chard ready for harvest. And this is all organic, to boot! Somenone from Dancing Lamb Farm was selling grass fed lamb.

I also met Bernadette Kowalski from The River Garden in Catskill. She grows the lovely flowers you see below. What intense cockscomb...and Victoria blue salvia. And the amaranth.....lovely!

From there we headed a few miles toward the river (Hudson, that is) and to the quaint town of Catskill. After a lunch in town, we stopped into Variegated for a short visit. They sell the most incredible bedding and accessories that they design and make right there.
(They also sell our soap!)
Then back to the farm for raspberry picking. I had to practically drag Pentti from the bushes, once he got started. He said he hadn't pick berries since he was a boy in Port Arthur, Canada.

Here's what we came home with: 2 quarts of berries, 2.5 lbs. of honey from Stoneledge, zinnias, grass fed lamb and a special gift for Sarah and Eric from's a surprise!

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porter hovey said...

Ohhh! The first photo is beautiful! Trips upstate are always wonderful.