Saturday, September 6, 2008


6 days into Sept ....where have I been!
Enough food preservation! No wonder women stayed at home in the old days....its SO MUCH WORK to can/freeze/preserve!

I have to get back to soapmaking!! Lots of tea soaps to make for up coming wedding favors and Pentti wants his own batch of Frankincense/Myrrh soap! "What's that soap at the bathroom sink? I really like that...make a batch just for me!"

So, down to the soap kitchen. It's a good day to work. SO HUMID here.....after the rain last night. The workshop is the only place that's air-conditioned!

And I unpacked 100 lbs. of shea butter from Shea Radiance. Wow....this butter is incredible. I've had some problems with shea suppliers....not happy with their product. Had to return the last batch I got. But this is wonderful....creamy yellow, nutty aroma and no sediment on the bottom. (It comes in plastic bags that I unpacked into my 5 gallon pails, so I could see the bottom)

We put shea in all of our soaps...but now, we might have to resurrect our 25% shea butter soap!


Daniela said...

Funlayo at Shea Radiance really guarantees the quality of their shea butter, and I've only heard good things. I'm waiting make more of a dent in my current supply, but after meeting her last month, she will probably be where I go for my shea from now on. And it's only a state away! Can't go wrong with that.

Susan said...


Thanks so much for your two make me *blush*...

I would be happy to talk soap with you sometime.

Your blog is looking great!