Tuesday, September 9, 2008

down the rabbit hole

I go online this morning to do some shipping labels on the UPS site...and the Netscape home page has some news story about the best places to retire....

I get sucked in right away. I take a minute to look at the top six places by the water and Sequim, WA is one of them. Nice, huh??

I've looked at the town before...hey I just got an email yesterday from a condo place out there that's been trying to sell me a great retirement home.

Soon I'm looking at the floor plans of the condos...do I need one bedroom or two?
Would the kids come all the way to Washington state to visit?? My friends would be so far away...

Now I'm mapping it in Google maps to see just where this Sequim is located...and how DO you say that anyhow?

Sometimes I think it would be nice to move to a totally different part of the country...or even another country. But, you know, I've never lived anywhere but New York...though in different parts of the state.

Back to UPS...*sigh*

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