Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall planting

Time to plant the garlic for spring. I've always wanted to try growing garlic because we use so much of it and I also love the garlic scapes that first appear in spring.
So, I bought garlic from Karen and Mike of We Grow Garlic in Wisconsin. It arrived promptly and today we cleaned up the garden to get ready for the planting.

Karen and Mike have over 50 varieties of garlic and many were sold out when I finally got to the site to buy.

I planted Italian Late and Silver White. Both are soft neck varieties.

After planting, Pentti watered them in. BTW...when we cleaned up the tomato plants we collected a few green tomatoes. We haven't had frost here yet. Those Yellow Pear tomatoes were the most prolific I've seen. That variety is a keeper for next year!

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