Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Soup

That's 'new soup' not 'new soap'! Although I'm always looking to make a new soap, too!

Fran suggested a new soup recipe that she likes. Kathie Jenkins Wild Rice Soup. She was going to bring me a copy but I found it on the internet by googling the title.

I finally made it yesterday and is it DELICIOUS.
It was hearty, satisfying soup with ingredients like slivered almonds, mushrooms, dill, carrots, celery, 3 kinds of onions and wild rice.
I did make a few changes as noted here:
  • made 1/2 the recipe. it makes a really big batch.
  • used fresh sauteed garlic in with the onions. i don't use garlic salt
  • substituted brown basmati rice for the white rice
  • sauteed the mushrooms in a little butter before adding them to soup

Always looking for a new / unusual soup....I love soup this time of year.

Any suggestions??

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