Thursday, October 9, 2008

Food and Farming: our best shot?

For weeks, I've been reading and hearing about the greed that continues to cause the failure of our economy. Two articles in Wednesday's paper gave me cause for hope.

Can urban agriculture and local sustainable agriculture start to turn us around in this country??

This article about local agriculture helping an ailing town in Vermont.

And this one about urban farming right in Red Hook, Brooklyn....Sarah and Eric's neighborhood. I've been by this farm many times and had opportunities to sample the produce at local restaurants.

There has been a movement toward local food and renewed interest in farming. But is this what might ultimately save us? In our family, we've made plans to expand our small vegetable garden next season, join an organic CSA and buy a freezer.

I'm not the only one moving toward renewed self reliance when it comes to our food supply.

I see a lot of press about home food preservation, organic farming, local grass fed meat, and farming initiatives like the ones in Vermont. We started out as farmers in this country....maybe that's where we'll end up.

Getting off the soap box now. Here's my contribution to home canning for this year....

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Sarah said...

i'm helping by going out to dinner tonight.
i like you on your soapbox, so stay there!