Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home from Brooklyn with goodies....

Spent a lovely mother's day with daughter Sarah at the Saipua shop in Brooklyn. When we closed the store, she made a scruptious dinner of lamb chops, oven fries and asparagus....AND rosemary aioli....yummmm!

Came home on Monday with these. At left is the lovely dried flower arrangement that Sarah did for my bathroom.

Below are the heirloom tomato seedlings she started weeks ago. These are my share, destined for my garden as soon as the soil warms a bit.


17 beats. said...

Hey Susan, it's elizabeth, Sarah's friend. It sounds like you had a lovely mother's day! Your post made me feel wistful... like maybe its time to mend a few bridges. Thanks for that.

By the way, I made the pork cutlets! David is obsessed with SAUCES and GRAVIES, so I obviously had to whip something up. Topped them with a lemon/white wine/caper sauce. Tasty indeed. Keep posting recipes!

Susan said...

Hey, Eli. You're welcome.

BTW... I love those pork cutlets. So easy. So good.
Your caper sauce sounds delish. I'll try that next time.