Friday, May 16, 2008

Baking Late

At 8:30 tonight, I found my self needing to bake something for the church bake sale tomorrow morning and there's no time to do in in the I'm off to Saipua to mind the shop while Sarah and Eric deliver flowers for a wedding.

So....what do I have in the cupboard? I think I should start with oats. I always have them and love oatmeal cookies. But it has to be a bar cookie. No time to be dropping individual cookies!

I search Epicurious for 'oatmeal bars' and come up with two. I choose Oatmeal Coconut Raspberry Bars. I think the jam could be a problem. But find that I have one more jar of homemade raspberry jam from the 'Jam Man' who sells at my local farmers market. Yummmmm...I hate to part with it but the market opens again next month and I can resupply!

I love to 'adapt' the recipes on Epi by reading the reviews. I used all of the scrimping there, but did omit the white sugar. Also added about an extra 3/4 cup of oats. I want them to be really oaty. I also used only half the coconut because that's all I had. I didn't bother toasting it...just put it in with the oats. Not on top. Didn't want it to overbrown.

So...I guess I'm one of those people they complain about on Epicurious. You know. The ones who change the recipe all up and then post a review. Other posters complain that you didn't REALLY make the recipe as written, so how can you review it??

I'll let you know how they came out. Then maybe I'll write an Epicurious review!


17 beats. said...

give yourself a break, you didn't change it *that* much! all of your omissions were sensible. what you did is nothing compared to the cooks who say, "i substituted skim milk for cream, smart balance for butter, and boneless skinless chicken breasts for bone-in skin-on thighs. i didn't have any thyme, so i subbed in oregano. i thought the recipe was terrible, and i won't be making it again." those people drive me CRAZY!!

Susan said...

Eli, These came out really good, BTW. I'm keeping this one with changes!