Saturday, May 31, 2008

Going, Going...GONE!

It's gone. I'm heartbroken!

I was first introduced to this country auction in Fleischmanns, NY by my daughter, Sarah, about 2 years ago. I became an auction addict and though it was a 2 hour drive my friend Judy and I often traveled up and back on a Saturday to sit for 4-5 hours and see if anything caught our fancy.

Sometimes a trinket for a mere 'dollar bill' was more than we could withstand and we'd pack up my Prius with a carload of stuff to bring home.

We hadn't been for awhile, we were busy, the weather didn't cooperate, but tonight we had a plan. It had been on my calendar for a month....we were going to the auction!

We always leave at 4 PM. Drive two hours to get there by 6 so we can preview the goodies and have a bite to eat before the auction starts at 7.

But as we arrived at the auction house, we found a For Sale sign with a large SOLD on top.

I knew that it was up for sale. It had been for more than a year....but gone! Just like that??

What ever will we do to for a good auction? And more importantly, what are the folks in Fleischmanns doing for Saturday night entertainment, now!!??
For a more descriptive analysis of what I'm mourning see this NYTimes article from 1993. It really captures the spirit of the Saturday night auctions.....


Sarah said...

OH MY GOD! How devistated you guys must have been.

Susan said...

Yes, we were. I'm already researching new auction options.

17 beats. said...

NO! a friend of mine has a cabin up there, and we tossed around the idea of FINALLY going to one of those auctions. what a bummer. theres a german place in town that has a borderline delicious veal cutlet... i guess that's where everyone'll be on saturday nights!

ps. your new soap contraption rules! it's positively medieval!