Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Depths of PHISHING

I am usually pretty good at identifying email scams. I get them all of the time from so called banks, paypal, ebay, etc...telling me I need to update my account because they are closing it.

But this morning I got one from the 'IRS' It looked SO REAL.
They wanted me to fill out a form online to get my STIMULUS REFUND. My first clue that this was a scam: I got my REAL refund yesterday in my checking account.

When I clicked through, I discovered that they wanted my : debit card number (to deposit the refund), my exp. date, 3-digit code, AND my ATM pin number. That and the phony web address that appeared at the top of the page was plenty to tip me off.....but I know some might fall for it. How despicable!!

By the way, when I previewed this post in Firefox and clicked the link above, a window popped up saying that it was a suspected web forgery. Yay! Firefox!

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