Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day and the Prodigal Returns

Sorry lovely daughters Sarah and Jessica. But my best mother's day gift showed up at the door this Buddy!

We adopted Buddy as a stray about 3 years ago. But since Dec. '07 he's been only an occasionally visitor. Then at the beginning of April he stopped coming home at all....almost 6 weeks without a sighting. We've been hoping and suspecting that he had found another home.

Then this morning, he showed up at the front door. We're ready to slaughter the fatted calf!! Yes, he's here.....but Buddy!! What did they do to you??

Buddy is part Maine Coon and he is our only long hair cat. He DOES have a problem with very matted fur by the end of the winter....kind of like dreds. But someone has made our 'lion' of a cat look like a French Poodle!!

And...true to form. We have to set him free. He me a small nip ( he always was a bit fresh) and wants out. Go free Buddy. I hope your fur grows back soon.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I went to teach a second grade that was doing Miss Rumphius and I remember how you loved those lupines. A child asked me why Miss Rumphius' body was so much smaller in a black dress and mantilla at the end of the story than when she first reached adulthood. I explained that as one shrinks as one ages. One student called out in surpise, "Gee, you're tall."

Susan said...

Is that you Joan? Ms. anonymous....sounds like you. I do love those lupines!