Friday, August 1, 2008

Soap delivery and a mini road trip

Sarah and I just returned from a quick overnight to Philadelphia and the surrounding area. We delivered 600 lbs. of soap to one of our biggest retailers. This options is not only more economical for allows us a few hours together to catch up on personal stuff...and yes, talk shop, too! Not to mention a night in downtown Philly and dinner at a great restaurant: Pumpkin. You can read more about out trip on Sarah's blog.

Before coming home we made a stop at Terrain. It's Urban Outfitter's new garden center extraordinaire! One could spend a whole day there exploring all there is to plant on their 9 acre spread.
This is the outside of their potting shed...and you'll see the inside below. I want a potting shed like that!

We left for home with these lovely portulaca's and a lot of garden inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

Terrain seems to be a lovely place. If you are ever in the Annapolis, Md. area, I strongly suggest that you visit Homestead Gardens. They are located in Davidsonville - 20 minutes South of Annaolis, and their garden center is absolutely gorgeous. I work there, so if you are ever interested, please contact me and I will arrange a tour of the garden center and the 100-acre farm 3 miles away. You won't be disappointed! Our website is:

Gladys Rodriguez